About Us

Atomic Arts was founded in early 2009 by siblings Amy and Adam Rosko. In a search for the perfect creative project for the summer, the two realized that with the combined specific skills of they and their friends, a live theatre production would best showcase the best of what each individual had to offer.

Our first show was the first annual installment of TREK IN THE PARK, a live adaptation of a classic STAR TREK episode performed in a park setting. The chosen episode, “Amok Time” pit Kirk (Adam) and Spock (Jesse Graff) in a battle to the death during a bizarre mating ritual on Spock’s home world of Vulcan. The show was free to the public, family friendly and encouraged Portlanders to explore their parks as well as the alternative theatre that was possible in their city. The show opened to rave reviews by city newspapers and online sources. Attendance for the performances reached over 1000 people by the end of the 3-weekend run.

Click to hear the Trek Theme by Fast Computers.

The following Halloween season, we offered a new adaptation of the 1922 silent film classic, NOSFERATU. The show was performed in the intimate Shoebox Theater in SE Portland. Jesse Graff donned the role of the iconic vampire who races against Jonathan Hutter (Paul Pistey) to control the fate of the beautiful Ellen (Brandee Haynes). The entire production was scored live by Peter Dean utilizing a genuine 1900 pump organ with original music he wrote solely for our production. Along with custom background projections by Jen Prokopowicz, the actors, makeup, effects, and music brought a new level of suspense to the classic tale. Portlanders rushed to pack the small theater for the perfect Halloween entertainment.

In Summer 2010, TREK IN THE PARK returned with, “Space Seed”, the classic episode which introduced the villainous megalomaniac, KHAN! The Atomic Arts crew worked tirelessly to create a bigger and better show than the 1st summer’s installment. Ryan Castro, who portrayed Chekov in “Amok Time” switched accents to play the 20th Century superhuman, Khan Noonian Singh, who attempts to hijack the USS Enterprise with the help of the ship’s historian, Lt. Marla McGivers (Margaux Hash) and continue the conquest he began 200 years prior. Audiences and enthusiasm grew exponentially in our second summer and featured coverage from NPR as well major newspapers and internet outlets.

Our 5th and FINAL installment of TREK IN THE PARK, “The Trouble with Tribbles” will debut August 3rd at Cathedral Park in N Portland. We hope to see you there!

In the future, we intend to show a wide variety of shows and events. Whether they are classic, contemporary, original or previously produced, Atomic Arts is committed to create the very best afternoons or evenings out for all audiences!

Atomic Arts
Founders / Co- Artistic Directors
Amy Rosko
Adam Rosko

Al & Margaret Rosko
Mike Estes
Jesse Graff
Paul Pistey
Dana Thompson
Ryan Castro
Nate Ayling
Margaux Hash
Kaebel Hashitani
Cort and Fatboy
Geahk Burchill
Charlie Babbage
Peter Dean
Colin Sheridan
Eli Savage
Adam Dixon
Erin Brey
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Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett
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Hollyanna Smith McCollum
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