First off, huge thanks to all of you that came and supported Sequential Art Gallery’s September showcase of all the Trek in the Park props and sets.

Now is your chance to own a piece of Portland theatre history! We need to clear out our storage and we need to find our larger set pieces some good homes. The Atomic Arts crew has build wonderful, detailed and quality pieces that would be great for any rec room in your house!

Please shoot us an email at [email protected] if you wish to make an offer on any of the pieces. Serious inquiries only please.

1. Marvel at Dr. McCoy’s surgical table! This comfortable set of two hospital beds features retractable footrests for compact storage and ACTUAL PUMPING “VULCAN BLOOD” from one unit to another!

2. Everyone will know YOUR name when you’re the proud owner of the K-7 BAR!!! This bar is built to last and will withstand any party in the galaxy. A metallic finish and angular design is offers a unique design and picture-perfect representation of the one on the original TV show. The K-7 bar also features an ACTUAL “WORKING” DRINK REPLICATOR. A little manpower and imagination will stun all your friends!

3. Last but not least, we offer the star of Atomic Arts’ The Trouble With Tribbles, THE STORAGE COMPARTMENTS! One of the biggest and most unique set pieces we’ve ever built can now be owned and appreciated in your home! A simple push on the door and prepare to be attacked by HUNDREDS OF TRIBBLES we will pre-load for you!

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